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I'm a freelance writer living in Savannah, GA.

I cut through the internet chatter on nutrition and wellness topics with a clear, authoritative voice backed by 10 years of experience and a masters of science degree in nutrition.

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Easing Emotional Eating: Finding Balance in a Chaotic World

The most complex issue we work on when seeking relief from emotional overeating is self-care. Self-care includes setting and holding boundaries for ourselves and creating space to give ourselves what we truly need. This may include time and space for play, creativity, solitude, spirituality, and social or romantic connection. It may also include finding opportunities for joyful movement and bodywork. And coming back practicalities, self-care is what allows patients to carve out time to meal plan, shop, cook, and eat those regular meals that create the physical foundation of balance.

Same Rules Apply: 7 Tips to Manage Metabolic Disorders

As an outpatient registered dietitian, I see people with many different health concerns. But if I had to pick the biggest group, it would be those with the trinity of metabolic disorders: high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and high blood sugar. These three conditions, along with abdominal obesity, are called Metabolic Syndrome.

According to the American Heart Association, 47 million Americans have 3 or more of these conditions. Interestingly enough, my first recommendations for each of th

Stress Busters: Tips to Manage Stress with Diet and Lifestyle Changes

“What a year. We are worried, anxious, sad, and frazzled. In a word, stressed. I spend a lot of time talking about food and stress in my nutrition counseling appointments,” says Ruth Goldstein, MS, RD Outpatient Registered Dietitian with Cheshire Medical Center.

“There are so many things we can do to help with stress. The trick is we have to make ourselves the number one priority,” Ruth says. “So many of us are caregivers: nurses, doctors, teachers, parents. We become stuck in the idea that som

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